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Our clients enjoy their own private retirement plan.

Unlike a 401K, our clients enjoy no taxation – ever.

No risk of loss, and a guaranteed tax free income for their entire life. See chart below.


10,000 Americans turn age 65 every day.

Only 2% are able to retire comfortably.

This plan is not new – it had it’s inception with the iconic E.F. Hutton commercials “When EF Hutton talks, People Listen”  of the Seventy’s and Eighties, and has been refined by three Acts of Congress. In 2013, Americans poured 1.6 billion into these plans – an amount equal to the previous four years (2009-2012) combined.  

People are living longer, Social Security is stretched to the breaking point, and taxes are going to escalate considerably; and while mainstream America has embraced the 401(k) Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan, it is not the panacea many believe it to be.

As an example, a 401(k) is going to be heavily taxed when distributions are taken, there is no liquidity, no income for life provisions and every six or seven years losses of thirty percent have occurred.

The Financial Plan we at Haggerty Mountain Financial recommend features market returns with no risk of loss, complete liquidity, no taxation (ever) and a guaranteed income for the rest of your life. Disability, life insurance and long-term care are additional benefits.

Haggerty Mountain Financial represents several large companies to help our clients build a custom created Financial Strategy that will enable them to enjoy a guaranteed lifetime tax-free income.

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