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Our clients enjoy their own private retirement plan.

Unlike a 401K, our clients enjoy no taxation – ever.

No risk of loss, and a guaranteed tax free income for their entire life. See chart below.


Financial planning

401(k)'s : panacea or problem?

For many years, Americans rely on to basic forms of retirement; pensions and Social Security! The former was tied to your job, the latter a federal program and acted after the Great Depression of 1935.

In 1978, a new retirement vehicle was born; the (Read More)

College planning

Million Dollar Baby!

Both parents and grandparents will appreciate tactical strategies that will give them tax sheltered flexibility in the use of the funds and provide for their child's future. If the child decides  . . .  (Read More)

Retirement planning

Are you listening?

Iconic commercial's from the past had people listening to the sage financial planning of their time. People are living longer and Social Security is stretched to the breaking point   . . .  (Read More)

Social Security - Seeds of Change

Although Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law In August of 1935 the seeds and were planted in the previous decade. 

During the 1920's Americans in general and (Read More)

Will A Greek Default hurt America?

On the last day of June the country of Greece did not make a demand 1.7 billion payment to the European

Central Bank thus becoming the first developed country to default in modern times.  What looms for Greece and by contagion the global economy will be decided in the next few weeks, but Americans saddled with an . . .   (Read More)

The concept of buying term life insurance and investing the difference  (BTID)  originated in the 1970's, a decade of  economic turmoil for the United States.

In August 1971, President Nixon abolished . . .   (Read More)

LIFE INSURANCE: Buy Term and Invest The Difference Examined

A Million Dollars a Minute

On Friday January 29, 2016 the United States national debt reached 19 trillion dollars. In the last few decades we have seen an unprecedented escalation of government borrowing, currently a million dollars a minute! In 1989, our nation's debt was (read more)